Fixed Frame Screens with masking: Reference X-Mask


TailorMade finish options


Screen Research's patented Reference X-Mask screens provide the ultimate in home theater performance. Fully variable motorized masking driven by independent motors allow the flexibility to place the perfect black border around any projected image, no matter what the ratio.

Acoustically transparent masks preserve the audio integrity of the perfomance when using Screen Research's patented ClearPix2 screen fabric.

A flexible range of motor control systems allows a variety of control input protocols, Infrared, Radio Frequency, RS232, or TCP/IP, permitting integration with virtually all proprietary command and control systems.

Reference X-Mask screens can be specified with a wide range of TailorMade finish options, allowing a high level of personalization of the screen. A leather frame available in a range of 34 colors adds a unique feel to the screen; DécorMask and Full Closure masking provide two alternatives to hiding the projection surface when not in use and Lutron Sivoia QS motors allow virtually silent motor operation.

The X4S screen is available in both 1.78:1 and 2.40:1 native ratios and features variable masking on all four sides of the screen, allowing any image aspect ratio to be achieved as well as constant surface masking.

The XTS screen is a constant width screen in 1.78:1 native ratio with variable masking top and bottom. The XLS screen is a constant height screen with variable lateral masking which will achieve any ratio from 2.40:1 to Full Closure, if specified.

Whatever your requirements for your home theater, Screen Research's Reference X-Mask screens offer the features, performance, and flexibility to deliver.