Motorized Screens: Supreme In-ceiling Slot with Masking

Screen Research's Supreme in-ceiling motorized screens with masking offer a wide range of masking options allowing virtually any popular video projection format to be catered for. All ClearPix2 screen are specified with THX certified acoustically transparent masks as standard to preserve the integrity of the system's audio performance.

All screens feature Screen Research's patented TFX Floating tab-tensioning system originally developed for the award-winning LeWing™ range of products. This ensures that the screen is flat and wave-free in use and can be optimized in-situ eliminating any possible deformation of the roller assembly. Screen Research’s award-winning range of THX®- and ISF®-certified ClearPix2 and ISF-certified SolidPix fabrics can now be made be available in larger standard sizes than previously possible and with the ability to cater for longer custom drop requirements.

The MMS2-T-IS screen is a 1.78:1 native ratio screen with a top mask permitting adjustment to a 2.35:1 image. The MMS2-4-IS screen features both a top mask and a set of side masks allowing masking to both 2.35:1 and 1.33:1.

The MMS2-L1-IS and MMS2-L2-IS screens are both 2.35:1 native ratio with lateral mask-sets. The MMS2-L1-IS has one set of masks permitting masking to 1.78:1. The MMS2-L2-IS has two sets allowing both 1.78:1 and 1.33:1 to be achieved.